Rebecca Ellisor CD BHE CHT 

Birth Doula & Birth Hypnosis Educator

There are so many different ways to grow family, you deserve skillful support in navigating the changes with your needs considered. It is a big transition to bring a new life into your existing relationships. Preparation is a gift to your life and your child.  It sets the tempo for a life of wellness and consideration.


Rebecca is an inspired and creative mama of three girls who is dedicated to serving your needs as you prepare for family expansion. She was trained and certified in hypnotherapy and life coaching and has mentored with Anahata Graceland for more than ten years.


Rebecca’s hypnotherapy and life coaching background paired powerfully with her adoration of the birthing process with her first birth (of three) in 2007.  She learned a deep respect for the power of preparation, especially in birthing, where she was able to experience the amazing strength and ecstasy available to the relaxed and ready mama. She became certified as a holistic doula through the Matrona Midwifery Program in 2010.  


Rebecca uses state of the art hypnosis and coaching tools to cultivate the optimal internal environment for the birthing journey and the journey into parenthood.  She has special interest in health and wellness and collaborates with her husband Dr. Brad Ellisor DC in supporting the wellbeing of the whole family with awareness and education to support empowered choices.


Combining her understandings of the transmutational nature of humans with her compassionate care and support to help mothers, fathers and families through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period with balance and harmony is her greatest joy.

It’s Rebecca’s passion and her honor to serve your family in the challenging but glorious time of expansion.


Born in Ecstasy Birthing

Rebecca Ellisor CD CH

Birth Doula & Coaching

Quantum Hypnotherapist  360.481.0299


Serving Olympia and Lacey and the greater area including Tacoma, Yelm, Roy, Mc Kenna, Rainier, Tenino, Centralia, Chehalis

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